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Pithlachocco Anhinga Roost Florida Cracker House

The Pithlachocco Anhinga Roost Florida Cracker House opened with music and  Rod McDonald in an introductory to "The Pithlachocco" a native culture of one to six thousand years ago.  Dale picked a few  tunes seated on the ancient Long-leaf Pine artifacts on which that culture could have depended prior to the Europeans and the Spanish Fort at St. Augustine.

The food they ate, the teas they drank, fiber and structural material  and "mycelium" uses can be tasted and learned about here.  We hope to learn much more about those people and their ways by fire circle jam.

Widely known Jack Williams may perform a house concert  here in the late winter.

Bobby Henry - Dugout Canoes

One of the great ironies about Newnan's Lake is that it's named after Col. Dan Newnan, a Georgia Indian fighter who lost a battle against the Seminoles in 1812. The Seminole people have long referred to the area as Pithlachocco, which roughly means "where boats are made." The tribe and its allies have begun a campaign to rename the lake for its Native American heritage.

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