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Wild Wood Swamp

WILD WOOD SWAMP was a Thanksgiving celebration of a pristine nature. The songs rolled and the timbers in the "Roost" rocked as the frequencies of sound waves became audio files of acoustical vibrations that can be played & replayed again on this disk.

To the musicians a special thanks is due:
Casey Henry - Acoustic Bass
Chris Henry -Lead Guitar, Mandolin, and Engineering
Murphy Henry - Banjo
Red Henry -Mandolin and Fiddle
Tuck Tucker - Dobro
Tracy Collins - Keyboard
Dale - Vocals, Guitar, and Tricks

To my mother Ruth Crider who gave me the love of song.

To too many friends to list. --I just hope they will listen and know I sing for them --and for the Great Spirit of

Engineering credit is due Buddy Ray who created the studio & co- produced the session, edited, mixed the tunes, and led CD production.

Renee Henry for photos & Mary Ann DiNella for cover portrait.

The Will McLean Foundation, Arrandem Music Co., Don Grooms
Society Compass Rose Music and Quest Foundation .

Studios : Anhinga Roost Music / Mirror Image / JamBudd Productions

Producer: Dale Crider (SESAC)
ARM 03 2000


01. Liquid of Life (2:39) (sample)
02. Energy Super Star (4:32) (sample)
03. Vitachuco (by Don Grooms) (4:48)
04. Rye Revenge (by Red Henry) (1:58)
05. Tate's Hell (by Will McLean) (3:53)
06. Ancient Forest (4:00)
07. Conservation Notion (2:14)
08. Sown in the Needles of Pine (2:53)
09. Wood Photons of Light (3:26)
10. Cycles in the Sand (2:35)
11. Sacred Lands of North Caroline (3:25)
12. Dance of the Florida Sandshill Crane (by Will McLean) (2:30)
13. Song for Gamble (by Steve Gillette and Charles John Quarto) (5:16)
14. St. John's Saving Time (3:55)
15. Waltz of the Dirt Road Sport (3:07)

Wild Wood Swamp

01 …It’s Raining today so I stayed in and waded my pools of paper with
pen --mostly I thought of words for a song --how water returns
and cycles along.. Words that give reason for drops from the
sky --water to moisten and dampen the dry …DC
02 …If the suns energy were a river the earth would be a rock in the
flow. Most of the energy just passes by; never to shine on our
rock as we fly …DC
03 …They came to the prairie searching for gold, demanding what did not
exist. When Chief Vitachuco explained there was none
DeSoto put irons on his wrists …DG
04 …Rye grass music and juice drinking is (instrumentally) picked by
the Henrys at the Anhinga Roost ...BH
05 …He leaned back to rest. His eyes did not see. The big rattler
struck him above the bent knee. The lick was so hard that
a sprawling he fell --And that was the beginning of poor old
Tate’s Hell …WM
06 …Ancient Forest this awesome grove shares the past as a
07 …Diversity of fashions let nature’s limits grow in the Conservation
Notion there’s an ecologic hope …DC
08 …Metallic blue rusting red , no my automobile ain’t dead she’s just
returned to wilderness ...she is going to biomass...
09 …Wood from the photons of light --grown in the leaves of the trees
into guitar rhythm for you and me …DC
10 …It’s the Cycles in the Sand it’s the question of man, the call for
conservation in the Florida land use plan …DC
11 …Where the life of native spirits never die --the red wolf returned
to a predator roll --The Sacred Lands of North Caroline …DC
12 …In the quietness of Paynes Prairie falling dew turned misty rain
--impelled by the song of nature Danced the Florida Sandhill
Crane …WC
13 …He went down into the water to help to save a drowning man --and he
left this world holding out his hand. I remember Gamble
Rogers --he was a gentleman with a guitar …SG & CQ
14 …Saint Johns Saving Time, saving the river is singing in my mind.
Native Indians knew her as Welaka --’River of Lakes’ their
dugouts would ply …DC
15 …He had that swamp in his glory cabbage palm stories as wild as the
word could report, but at juke-in or funning he could dance
the most stunning Waltz of the Dirt Road Sport …DC

I remember writing ten of the songs and borrowing five additional tunes
which I had liked the moment each one was heard. These songs were in my memory and on paper. Now you have them on CD!-more-more-more!

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